How cool is this? I get to sit with the most amazing people and just shoot the shit about music. All while drinking beer. Best job ever.

In today’s episode, I sat down with Ben Wilson and Tom Thompson from Orienteers to hear about their life on the low end. If you’re not familiar, these guys perform a sort of low-key, shoegazey, slowed down, relaxed, and entirely catchy style of rock. When researching for our interview, I found reviews that compared them to The Flaming Lips, Wilco, Camera Obscura, etc. I don’t think they s0und like any of those bands, but I can see some sonic similarities. They have songs that are rooted in country, but they twist the sound, wringing the music slowly until every drop of goodness comes out.

It was a really fun interview. We laughed a lot, especially when we talked about the trials of making your own CDs for hours and hours, just to have Canada Post lose ’em all.

Thanks Ben and Tom for coming out, and thanks to Steve Fouchard (big time on this one). The lighting is pretty dark throughout this video, especially in the performance segments…but he did a bang-up job editing the piece together.


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Part Two

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