Here Comes The Devil

directed by Adrian Garcia Bogliano

February 21-22nd, 26-27th

Mayfair Theatre, 1074 Bank Street

There was a time when horror movies had to rely on basic tricks of the trade to make audiences squirm. Tricks like shadows, brooding music, a convoluted mystery plot, and maple syrup gore. Adrain Garcia Bogliano cranks out a classic seventies style shlock flick that is rich in colour, brimming with tension, and oozing with sexual metaphores. It’s the devil’s work you see (see title), but exactly, who, what, how or why Satan is working his evil, is shrouded in clever plot twists. Even the climactic climax leaves some room for interpretation. It’s a clever ploy, for mystery and confusion works well on eager horror aficionados. The lack of CGI effects gives the film a subtle, realistic effect, perfect for a personal scare experience. Stealing the disturbing premise of Peter Weir’s “Picnic at Hanging Rock” – where kids go up a mountain and weird shit happens – Bogliano creates a haunted cave thriller that threatens to destroy a family. Ominous sexual overtones throughout  add some pizzaz to the proceedings, and help propel the plot (full of gaping holes) right along. It’s a rough film, roughly shot, roughly acted, and roughly digested, but one weird enough to leave a lasting impression. Oh, and the ending has caused quite the commotion on fan sites as to what actually happened. All, or perhaps some, is explained if you remember a driving lesson earlier in the film. You’re welcome.

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