Lake Street Dive is one of those bands to watch in 2014.  They’ve been around for a few years already, but their latest album, Bad Self Portraits, released on February 24, has positioned them to make a huge splash in the indie music scene this year.  Lake Street Dive is composed of singer Rachel Price of Tennessee, guitarist Michael “McDuck” Olson of Minneapolis, bassist Bridged Kearney of Iowa, and drummer Mike Calabrese of Philadelphia, they all met in Boston, Massachusetts and are currently based out of Brooklyn, NY.

Bad Self Portraits has a definite soul vibe, due in no small part to Rachel Price’s voice.  It stood out to me almost instantly, her voice is powerful, like Brittany Howard of Alabama Shakes, but the music is a lot more poppy or jazzy than the rock and roll of the Shakes. You can tell they were influenced by a lot of different artists, there’s times where I feel like I’m listening to the Jackson 5, and other times, I feel like i’m listening to a song that could be on an album alongside Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher”, and a few rock and rollers like the song “Seventeen”.

These four immensely talented musicians create some very catchy and funky music that is fun to listen.  They also released a fine compilation of covers in 2012 called Fun Machine where they covered the Jackson 5 and Paul McCartney among others.  Check out some live performances down below, and pick up Bad Self Portraits here!

Covering Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” on a sidewalk:

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