Today is throwback Thursday, and that tag would fit Central Massachusetts band The Curtis Mayflower quite well. As a band, The Curtis Mayflower is still in its early days, they released their first full length album, Everything Beautiful is Under Attack on January 28, 2014, but their sound is definitely a throwback to the late 60’s and early 70’s. The band is made up of guitarist Pete Aleksi, drummer Duncan Arsenault, bassist Jeremy Moses Curtis, keyboardist Brooks Milgate and vocalist Craig Rawding.

Everything Beautiful is Under Attack has a huge range of influences, the first track is a really cool sounding heavy blues track called “Clockwork Hearts”. It has some slower tracks, like “Last Kiss” and “Punchline” and it has a really heavy, song “Ben The Destroyer” with some gritty lyrics and some awesome driving bass. That’s followed up with a pretty straight forward blues track “Cold and Dark” featuring some great guitar work and keyboard work reminiscent of Booker T Jones. All of the members are accomplished musicians, some being session musicians for some pretty big acts, but the guitar work of Pete Aleski really stood out to me. he pulls off some impressive solos throughout the album, the sixth track, “Carry Your Burden” is one where he really shines.

2014 is going to be a busy year for The Curtis Mayflower, they released Everything Beautiful is Under Attack in January, they are going to release a soundtrack for a movie, “American Mongrel” and have already began work on their next album. There’s a lot to The Curtis Mayflower, if you like stuff like the Allman Brothers Band, Cream, Booker T Jones, The Band, or just crave some 70’s style rock and roll, check these guys out.

Above photo by Michael Spencer

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