Vintage Vinyl — March 11, 2014 at 9:25 am

Vintage Vinyl – Bob Lucier


The Stevie Wonder r&b classic “Too High” might not seem like the most likely candidate for a country music steel guitar makeover, but guitarist Bob Lucier (who played in the backup band on The Tommy Hunter Show) makes it seem like a natural fit. Wonder’s music generally didn’t display much of a country influence (aside from maybe 1981’s “I Ain’t Gonna Stand For It”), but this cover from Lucier’s 1976 LP Nerves Of Steel retains the original’s lethargic funkiness and creeping sense of dread while the steel guitar fills in for Stevie’s harmonica and synths (CanCon mainstay Doug Riley also pitches in with a couple of jazzy electric piano solos) and adds a distinctive country and western twang.

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