Canadian Tire Centre, Ottawa

Friday March 14

When the world’s biggest band (you can look it up, the interwebs don’t lie) comes storming to town on the heels of their “we can do whatever the fuck we want” disco album, theRevue has to provide coverage.

The transition from club to arena is a tricky maneuvre most bands never master, but lemme tell ya, Arcade Fire are super duper master showmen and women who know how to revel in all their bombastic, glitterry glory. This band is good, they know it, and they will make you know it. Cramming thirteen members (I counted thrice) on stage is a genius move. There’s always someone doing something, and often in a shiny or cartoonish outfit.

>>> Fab!

The players are skilled musicians, and they hammer the point home by switching instruments, almost every song.

>>> The music lessons paid off!

They don’t bother with their b-material; it’s hit after hit after hit.

>>> Give the people what they want!

They have fabulous hair that they flip to the beat, or to punctuate how hard they are working their asses off.

>>> Stylist money well spent!

The stage features multiple screens and panels of reflectors, giving the illusion of even more Arcade Fire members, and is a clever nod to their last album (Reflektor) that most of the hip audience clues in on.

>>> They are connecting!

They have a second smaller stage to shake things up with stage to stage duets, some creepy puppets, and a guy in a mirror suit (the reflektor thing again).


>>> They are stretching the live gig envelope!

The sound is impeccable, booming, and warm.

>>> They spared no expense on the sound dude!

They asked people to dress up, which morphs the usually inhibited Ottawa crowd into a silly dancing storm.

>>> They tricked the public servants!

They climax with a blast of confetti.

>>> Most bands don’t know how to end a show. These guys absolutely do!

Arcade Fire are pretty awesome, and strut this earth as one of the few entertainers who can pull off the hockey arena experience. Plus they had a nice mariachi band on the way in. Yay!


– all pics by the author. use them without permission, and you will be very, very sorry.

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