Cielo Oscuro (Dark Heaven)

directed by Joel Calero
Peru, 2012, 77 minutes
Spanish with English sub-titles

18th Latin American  Film Festival

Auditorium, 395 Wellington St.,

Saturday, March 29, 2014, 7:00 pm

Not so much a stinker, but more a lingering, odd odor of a movie, Dark Heaven delivers on none of its promises of passionate, dark and stylish. That is unless passionate means robotic sex, dark means dimly lit night scenes, and stylish refers to pedantic conversations of fabric choices in a tailor shop. Maybe life in Lima moves at this languid pace, but it sure doesn’t make for thrilling cinema. The chief culprit in this mundane movie is Lucho Cáceres as Toño, a middle age everyman who stumbles into an unlikely relationship with a young thespian, and becomes consumed with jealousy. Perhaps the point is that Toño, who seems absolutely bored even when romping in between the sheets, is out of his element, and destined to return to his very average life. There should at least be some sparks along the journey, otherwise it becomes as morbidly interesting as the yellowing bedroom wallpaper of our lead. Lost in translation? Maybe, but probably just lost.

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