Bon Iver drummer Sean Carey, who releases albums as S. Carey is releasing his second LP, Range Of Light on April 1st. The Wisconsin based singer released his first solo album in 2010, We All Grow. The son of a singer, music has always surrounded Carey. He went to school and earned a degree in classical percussion. From there, he joined up with Justin Vernon and joined Bon Iver. 

Range of Light is yet another gorgeous album that I have heard this year. It seems a bit cliche now, but there truly have been some incredibly beautiful albums this year, and Range of Light deserves to be in the conversation with any of them. From the first track, “Glass:Film” with its minimalistic electronic percussion and reverbed vocals from Carey, it’s hard to not be captivated. The harmonies on this record are simply breathtaking, and his knack for tasteful instrumentation is incredible. This album has one of the most beautiful songs of the year so far, a delicate piano ballad called “Radiant” which features some beautiful piano work at the start, some pedal steel, and long, drawn out notes from instruments. Another song, “Fleeting Light” builds into a huge song, with harp and a bunch of instruments continually layered on one another. Last year, I came up with the term “beautifolk” to describe the music of Gregory Alan Isakov” and I feel like that fits a majority of the tracks on Range Of Light. However, the album isn’t exactly folk, there’s a bit of electronics and stuff, which nakes the album even more interesting.  Check it out, it’s out April 1st on Jagjaguwar records, and you can pre-order it here.

Photo by Cameron Wittig

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