Alan Partridge

dir. Declan  Lowney

British, 2013, 90 minutes

April 4 – 7

The Mayfair Theatre

1074 Bank Street

Either you love British humour or are utterly confused by it.

Now that the riff raff are gone, let’s proceed.  Though his hilariously awkward media personality Alan Partridge has been bringing the funny for years across the pond, most of North America has yet to taste the pudding, until now. Steve Coogan brings his stumbling, conniving, small town, big head radio host to the big screen in an over the top hostage thriller. Well, thrilling in a warm and fuzzy kind of way. This is Britain afterall, and everyone is super nice, apologetic and quite oblivious.

There isn’t a second wasted on screen, as banter is quick and witty, replacing the usual “action” with clever wordplay. Coogan carries on in fine Basil Fawlty tradition: totally self-absorbed, crass, klutzy and quite delightful.  A tough act to pull off, but Coogan will have you cheering the git. There’s some inventive toilet humour, pants fall down, and eighties songs are lip-synced. What more could there possibly be?

Yes the plot is hole-y, and the characters over the top, but anyone familiar with quaint English village life will know that such silly fiction may indeed be fact. If you’re not knee-slapping yourself throughout then please make an appointment with the medical establishment.