Louisville, KY based rock band Wax Fang have been making some really interesting music over the last few years. The band consists of Scott Carney and Jacob Heustis, They’ve toured with many different bands, including Man Man, My Morning Jacket, and Dr. Dog. In 2010, they released a single entitled “The Astronaut (Part 1)”. Since then they released an EP, and in January of 2014 they completed The Astronaut saga by releasing their latest LP, The Astronaut.

The Astronaut is definitely a full on rock journey. It’s a three part rock opera that follows the story of an astronaut, who end up apart from his ship and gets sucked into a black hole. Musically, the album may be comparable to Pink Floyd’s epic song “Echoes”, sound effects played on guitar, and some psychedelic rock. “The Astronaut (Part 1)” is epic, 16 minutes of badass psychedelic riffage. It is connected to “The Astronaut (Part 2)” by a tense instrumental track “The Event Horizon”. “Part 2” is a drum driven track, with some great solos and a huge ending. “Part 3” is electronic and bass driven, and follows the astronaut protagonist during his transformation into a godlike celestial being, and his thoughts as this process happens to him. This is some great stuff, it makes me think of what Pink Floyd would have done if they wrote David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” or Elton John’s “Rocket Man”.

You can stream the entire album below:

And check out the trailer they released for The Astronaut:

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