If you asked me to list some of my favorite live bands, New Jersey indie punk rockers Screaming Females would be very close to the top of the list. Lead guitarist and singer Marissa Paternoster is one of the most engaging and energetic performers in rock and roll. Paternoster, and combined with bassist King Mike and drummer Jarret Dougherty tear the house down every time they take the stage.  The Screaming Females’ latest release is a much anticipated live album, Live At The Hideout which was recorded over two sold out shows in the tiny Hideout in Chicago.  Live At The Hideout was recorded by Steve Albini who also recorded their 2012 album, Ugly. Live At The Hideout was released last week on Don Giovanni Records.

Listening to the Live At The Hideout it’s hard not to close my eyes and picture Paternoster playing guitar solos on the floor or jumping into the first row of the audience. But as you can hear from the first track, it’s not just stage tricks that make a Females show as awesome as they are. The band is tight throughout the performance, Paternoster’s distinctive nasally voice sings over her incredible guitar chops when she’s not screaming,  and slick bass lines and some incredibly tight drumming bring it all together.  Live At The Hideout opens with a raucous recording of “Leave It All Up To Me” off of  2012’s Ugly and is followed up by “Foul Mouth” off of 2006’s Baby Teeth. It also has some extended jams that really show off the prowess of this trio.  Live At The Hideout has live tracks from all of the Screaming Females’ LPs, and is a great starting point if you’ve never heard them, and a much needed addition to the collection of any Screaming Females fan.  You can buy it from Don Giovanni’s website here.

Check out the great extended jam on “Lights Out” from Live At The Hideout below:

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