I was a little young for the first run of Bauhaus, but was prime age for Love and Rockets in the late 80s and early 90s (I don’t know what colour your eyes are, baby, but your hair is long and brown), and immediately recognized that these guys were my kind of people.

The music from both those bands was dark, moody, and arty as hell. It called to me big time. So, hearing that one of the men responsible for that ouevre was coming to Zaphod’s (Wednesday, April 23), I had to reach out to David J.

We connected on Skype and chatted for 30 minutes about his music and his more recent work in the theatre. For your listening convenience, I’ve cut it into two parts.

In this first part, David (!) and I chat about the Chvrches’ new version of his classic Bela Lugosi’s Dead, his new band and upcoming tour, and we start in on his life in theatre.


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