American singer-songwriter Julie Byrne’s music fits in nicely with a lot of the music I’ve been covering this year. Her latest album, Rooms With Walls and Windows was released earlier this year and is reminiscent of other singer-songwriters like Angel Olsen, Torres, Marissa Nadler and early Sharon Van Etten.

At the beginning of Rooms With Walls and Windows, we’re greeted with the first track “Wisdom Teeth Song” a beautiful acoustic song with just a bit of electronic effects added to it.  Her voice really comes through on the track “Attached to Us Like Butcher Wrap” sparsely and gently picked notes on guitar are played behind Byrne’s smoky voice.  As a whole, the album is gorgeous and intimate, and the lyrics are engaging and personal. It’s got a little bit of ambient static and background noise, which only adds to the feel.

Halfway through the album, Byrne takes to electric piano for an interlude, which is creatively titled “Piano Music”.  It’s a strange sounding song, but is indeed beautiful and speaks to the ability of Byrne to create a feeling on the record.  My favorite track on the album is probably the haunting “Vertical Ray”,  where I feel both Byrne’s guitar work and voice shine brightest.   The album closes with another eerie electric piano track “Piano Music for Lucy”




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