Last night, I had the great pleasure of getting on the phone with Keith Heppler, drummer for Toronto rock-trio Secret Broadcast. Hell of a nice guy, as you’ll hear in our phone call. They’ve just released a killer full-length LP called Filthy Souls, and are just starting off a tour that will take them all over Canada right through the Spring and Summer.

Signed to biggie label eOne in Canada, they’ve managed to impress a lot of “very important people” in Canada and abroad. Get this, Richard Branson asked them to play a private party for his people a couple of years back. Nice to have some friends in high places, right?

During our chat, we covered such diverse topics as his love for Nirvana (he heard Scentless Apprentice when he was 8, and it changed his life), working with kids for their hilarious Raygun video, and a bunch of other stuff. Enjoy the chat.

Secret Broadcast will be playing Zaphod’s next Friday, May 9 with local stars FEVERS. It’s my birthday too, so you should check it out.

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