Pink Mountaintops is the name of a rock n’ roll band that is the project of Stephen McBean from Vancouver. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s also part of Black Mountain, and many band members from Black Mountain play or have in Pink Mountaintops.  They released their fourth and latest album, Get Back on April 29 on Jagjaguwar Records.

The list of people associated with Pink Mountaintops, past and present, may look a lot like a Blue Jays spring training roster, and that continues with Get Back. Get Back features appearances from J. Mascis among many others including people who’ve played with Cat Power, The Fall and Cass McCombs. Get Back starts with a driving rock and roller, “Ambulance City”. The second track “The Second Summer Of Love” does seem a bit like something from the first summer of love, it’s almost psychedelic, and concludes in an easy to sing along to ending. There’s a lot of great rockers like “Through All The Worry”. And then there’s “North Hollywood Microwaves” with some very NSFW lyrics from Annie Hardy of Giant Drag, which starts out very punk rock and just goes way over the top ridiculous. There’s other stuff there too, “Wheels” is a bit Echo and The Bunnymen esque,  and “Sixteen” which has a Springsteen feel to it, albeit a little faster.

Get Back is a pretty great rock and roll record, and it’s a shame a lot of blogs out there are slamming it for one song.  Lots of McBean’s influences come out throughout, and it’s really a fun and varied listen.  Yes, “North Hollywood Microwaves” may be borderline unlistenable, but it’s a risk they took and it’s so crazy it worked in getting people talking about it, and hopefully that gets people listening to the rest of album because it’s really good.


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