With spring in full bloom and hot, sultry summer nights around the corner, it is the season of cool vibes, smooth grooves, and festival-sized anthems. Some will appeal to the masses for their pounding beats and evangelical choruses, others will captivate our imaginations with the grand instrumentation and witty lyrics, while others will just merely overwhelm us. There there will be those that subtly catch our attention, where after each listen we appreciate the artistry more and more.

That is the case with the latest single from emerging pop songstress Bebe Panthere, the new solo project of Effie Liu, a backup vocalist French Horn Rebellion. “Competition”, the second single to be released from her forthcoming EP, Pink Sweat, is an understated but hypnotic synth-pop tune that has multiple layers.  Starting with the spaghetti-Western opener to the synth beats and electronic drums in the background to the echoing pop melody, “Competition” is much more complex than after a single listen. In many ways, Bebe Panthere steals a page from Blood Orange’s songbook through her use of various sounds and textures but adds another layer with the tinge of the countryside.

“Competition” is below. Also included is the first single of the upcoming EP, “Gimme All Your Money”, an ’80s-inspired, Blondie-meets-Paula Abdul-with-a-touch-of-hip-hop tune.



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