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On her debut EP, young Toronto singer-songwriter STACEY has released an extremely intimate and honest album. In each of the five tracks, there is a sense of loss, whether it is someone close or one’s innocence. The minimalist feel of the album, which involves just STACEY’s vocals and her at the keyboard, adds to the heart-wrenching, sombre atmosphere. The album bears a striking resemblance to the thoughtful album by another young musician, Rachel Thomasin, who was reviewed previously.

The EP’s five tracks have similar themes – the courting ritual between two young people, the intensity of young love, the growing distance between the two lovers over time that could lead to a cheating mate, and heartbreak and separation. However, not all the songs end with the same ending, but in each song the feelings of love, grief, pain, and hope are communicated. It makes each song a bit of an emotional, 4-minute, roller coaster ride.

The ability to capture multiple feelings at once is one of STACEY’s strengths as well as the moods she is able to create with her voice and subtle keyboard playing. In addition, she has a tender, beautiful voice that aches with each note. Her ability to appeal to people’s emotions helped her be named Toronto’s The Spill Magazine’s “Band of the Month”.

STACEY has created remixes of her songs to give a more upbeat feel to otherwise very melancholic songs. The video for “Sleep Alone”, which was released two weeks ago, is beautifully crafted, almost dream-like. The future is bright for this young singer-songwriter.

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