Weatherbox - Flies in All DirectionsFor Those Who Like: Sum 41, Diarrhea Planet

Is it possible for post-punk rock to be harmony laden? In the case of San Diego band Weatherbox, the project of Brian Warren, they have just done that. On the 13-track, Flies in All Directions is an apt description for Weatherbox’s third LP, as the San Diego band has written mostly post-punk tracks, but there is also a mix of prog, ’90s rock, and folk-rock. Sure, the album consists of songs that could be considered mainstream ready with their catchy choruses and hook-filled melodies, yet Warren writes to issues that many of us have encountered before – freedom, independence, and rebellion.

The opener “Pagan Baby” and “Ghost Malls” are the heaviest tracks on the album, filled with reverb and Warren’s bellowing vocals. “The Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers” and “The Drones” verge on prog-rock. “Bathin’ in the Fuss” has a touch of Modest Mouse in the melodies and quirkiness of the song. “Kick Flips” incorporates contemporary rock elements, from the catchy riff to the rousing “Oh oh ooohs”.

The band’s strongest songs, however, are the mellower tracks, which are contemplative and extremely personal, such as “The Devil and Whom?”, “Dark All Night for Us”, and the closer “Love Me a Good Microcosm”. The latter track, in particular, verges on indie folk-rock – a sad, melancholic tune about separation and togetherness.

Flies in All Directions can be purchased on distributor Triple Crown Record’s bandcamp site, iTunes, and eMusic.

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