Ottawa Race Weekend is  the biggest multi-distance race event in Canada and has the largest marathon in Canada. 48,000 people will run to help generate fundraising dollars for participating charities such as The Ottawa Hospital Foundation, Canadian Diabetes Association and The Isaac Foundation Hope.

Whether you’re a runner or part of a cheer squad, make sure to check out the free music concert serious on the Celebration Stage at City Hall’s Festival Plaza.

Friday, May 23

6:30 pm – By The Lights

7:30 pm – Amos The Transparent

8:45 pm – Jim Bryson

Saturday, May 24

3:15 pm – Farewell Davidson

4:15 pm – Billy Love Band

5:15 pm – Brant Pethick

6:15 pm – Furious Gord

7:45 pm – Hawksley Workman

Sunday, May 25

8:30 am – Circus Delights – Kids Show

11:00 am – Destiny

12:15 pm – Friday’s Deadline

1:30 pm – Eric Eggleston

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 Photo from The Ottawa Citizen

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