Up & Up Music Presents

Phil Motion and BlakDenim at the Blacksheep Inn on May 24th at 8:30 pm. Tickets are $10 at the door.

Phil Motion & The Easy LO-Fi take what’s old and make it new again. Their inspiration comes from one-offs and one-hit-wonders that many of us have never even heard of until now. Their energy is contagious and they definitely wouldn’t be offending if you listenened to that voice in your head and danced to the funk!


Back from Toronto where they recorded their new EP Vanguard(en), the nine-member hip-hop troupe, BlakDenim, from the nation’s capital is sure to intoxicate their audience with their new songs. Vanguard(en) is available at Compact Music in the Glebe.

Phil Motion

Website – www.philmotion.ca
Facebook – facebook.com/philmotion
Twitter – twitter.com/philmotionmusic


Website – www.blakdenim.com
Facebook – facebook.com/blakdenim
Twitter – twitter.com/Blak_Denim

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