Average Times…why is it only now that I’ve heard of you guys? Not since The Polymorphines have I immediately felt my punk rock muscles ache listening to a local rawk act like this.

Listening to their self-titled (and brilliantly cover-photo’d) album is a pleasure. Musically inspired by equal parts Buzzcocks and Ramones, with vocals akin to Bad Cop (with the odd Misfits oooh-oooh thrown in), Average Times managed to keep those three chords sounding exciting and fresh. A four piece (Curtis, Seiji, Steph and Todd), they’ve been playing gigs around Ottawa and Toronto, and are clearly the cosmic cousins of label-mate and (assuming, friend?) Peach Kelli Pop.

They play Bluesfest on Wednesday, July 9 @ 6:15pm at the River Stage

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