Spanish Gold

For fans of: Black Keys, My Morning Jacket, Hacienda

On Tuesday, Spanish Gold released their debut LP South of Nowhere. Spanish Gold is made up of three incredibly talented individuals, lead singer Dante Schwebel of City and Colour and Hacienda, guitarist Adrian Quesada, formerly of Grupo Fantasma, and drummer Patrick Hallahan of My Morning Jacket.

From the first bluesy rocker “One Track Mind” you know these guys mean business. “Out On The Street” was the first single off of the album and was released a few months ago and is a catchy track that reminds me a bit of something Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys would have had his hand in. And that makes sense, Hallahan and Schwebel both worked with Auerbach in the past, and the record was recorded at Auerbach’s Easy Eye Studios in Nashville, TN. The album does keep that feel throughout, but it definitely is a sum of its parts.  “Movin On” has some Omnichord that just screams My Morning Jacket, and it’s got some awesome bluesy groovy tracks that ooze Hacienda.  However, while there’s obviously influence from the contributing members bands, don’t go into this expecting a My Morning Jacket or City and Colour record. There’s a lot of dirty, dirty blues infused rock and roll on this record, and there’s also songs like “Lonely Ride” which is almost a 1980’s pop rock song, and I love it. If you’re a fan of the bands involved, or The Black Keys, you’ll really dig Spanish Gold.

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