Ottawa Revue, RBC Bluesfest Revue, The Revue — May 31, 2014 at 2:51 pm

RBC Bluesfest Revue: Boyhood


Ottawa’s Caylie Runciman, also known as Boyhood plays some awesome, experimental rock and roll and pop music.  They have an LP, I’m Hungry, which has a bit of a psychedelic garage feel to it, with a little bit of shoegaze goodness thrown in. They’ve also released a self-titled EP that is a little more lo-fi and experimental.  They also have recently released a stellar single, “Bad Mantra” which sounds like a 1960s garage psyche song gone bad, so really that is an incredibly fitting title.  They should put on a really interesting and great show, and check them out Sunday July 6 at 2PM on the Black Sheep Stage.


photo by andrew carver

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