Catriona Sturton has been everywhere, man. She’s been everywhere. She’s played in punk bands in Japan, she’s played across Canada with her electric guitar, screeching harmonica, and powerful voice. This young woman plays traditional blues, in a new and adventurous way. She’s going to rip up the stage at the Barney Danson Theatre on Saturday July 12 @ 5:15 pm.
From her bio:
“When I was a teenager I had a single dream: to drive from Thunder Bay to New Orleans, just like the movie Highway 61. Somehow I got my geography wrong….I left Ottawa after high school and ended up in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada). Although it would be years before I made it down south, luck was on my side. I ended up joining the indie-rock band Plumtree, and played bass guitar with them and got the best possible education in scrappy-sweetheart rock and roll touring across the second biggest country in the world.”

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