You dig yourself some low-key folk music? Yes? This is going to be your gig to check out at The Rainbow on June 5.

The Sun Harmonic (aka Kaleb Hikele) is one of those not-too-well-known-but-really-prolific artists and producers. He has released a whack of albums on his Moon Melody label (some good, some not so much). One of the big winners of the label is Elder Sister Plum (aka Tanya Semple), and the two are going on a quick tour across the Easter part of Canada.

Elder Sister’s 2013 album, People Like Us, is deceptive. It starts off as a pleasant-enough new-folk album, with tracks like opener I’ve Got A Story bouncing along and showing off Tanya’s lovely tenor voice. But look out, by track 4 (The Hempen Jig), she turns from folk into a full-on Portishead-styled producer of epic guitar and feedback. After that, I went from “this is pretty good” to “this is blowing my mind.”


I believe this tour is an opportunity to see these two performing as a stripped-down acoustic duo. But here’s hoping they pull out the big amps for a few songs.

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