First Aid Kit, the pair of sisters from Sweden, Johanna and Klara Söderberg released their second album, the stunning The Lion’s Roar in 2012 which was received quite well by critics and music fans alike, and was a pretty bug hit. They’re back this year with Stay Gold, which will be released tomorrow, June 6 in Europe, and next week in North America.

For a band of Swedish sisters, their music has such a huge Americana feel to it.  Pedal steel and acoustic guitars with lots of twang, fiddle, and I’m convinced they sing with a southern accent.  Stay Gold feels a lot more full compared to The Lion’s RoarThe Lion’s Roar was mostly the work of the Söderberg sisters, and was intended to be played by a smaller band. On Stay Gold, they threw that aside and focused on fully developing these songs.  The album was also produced by Mike Mogis, who also produced The Lion’s Roar who helped them channel that full sound into the well crafted album that is Stay Gold and not lose their identity in the process.

I said Stay Gold was well crafted, and the songs just prove that. Our first taste of the new record was the first single, “My Silver Lining” which is a great Americana influenced track, with some strings and there’s a point where the vocals almost start rapping.  The title track “Stay Gold” just gorgeous, as are many tracks on the record, “Shattered & Hollow” and the closer “A Long Time Ago” included.  My favorite track on the record has to be “Heaven Knows”, it’s almost a full-on bar room brawl country song, and I love it.

You can stream Stay Gold via NPR here or CBC here.


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