Indie folk-pop band Pearl And The Beard are working on releasing their next album, and they need your help! Right now they’re raising money for their upcoming LP, Beast, on PledgeMusic.  Why should you pre-order Beast? Keep reading, and you’ll see.

Pearl and The Beard are a trio from Brooklyn, consisting of Jocelyn Mackenzie (percussion, vocals), Emily Hope Price (cello, keys, vocals), and Jeremy Styles (guitar, vocals).  The three of them play some amazing folk music, some songs upbeat, some slow and gorgeous, but they always put their whole heart into everything they’ve done.  Their music features some fantastic three-part harmonies, and each singer takes turns leading.

They have an extensive discography, featuring two LPs, a few EPs, and some live compilations.  Their 2011 album Killing the Darlings is everything folk-pop should be.  There’s the awesome upbeat folk of “Douglas Douglass”, the classic smoky vocal “Hot Volcano”, the stunningly beautiful “Prodigal Daughter”, and the totally epic “Sweetness”, all totally different tracks, that take the listener on a range of emotion.  When Pearl and The Beard play live, they are just incredibly energetic, and they fill the room with nothing but positive energy.  They play with smiles on their faces, and it’s obvious that they love the music that they make.

Not sold yet? I’ll let them make the case for you below:

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