I spent a while thinking about which deep cut/hidden gem I would toss at you all today.  I figured there wouldn’t be a better time for a Sharon Van Etten hidden gem than right now, after the release of her absolutely fantastic record Are We There last week. Van Etten has been playing and writing music for quite some time and has quite a back log of music that hasn’t been formally released. “Carry On” is a song that dates back from before Because I Was In Love, and it is available on her Home Recordings release, which is available on iTunes and Amazon.  There’s also a recording of her performing “Carry On” from a secret show she did in 2012 that I was lucky to attend, and consider it one of my all-time favorite shows. You can download that here, thanks to the awesome NYCTaper. (“Carry On” is called “Oh My Love” here)

It’s incredible how far Van Etten has come in the seven years since the video below video was recorded, from performing in apartments to now selling out clubs around the world.

Above photo taken by Rich Moses, February 26, 2012 @ Bowery Ballroom, NYC.

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