Nausea Craft SpellsCraft Spells, the dream-pop project of Californian Justin Paul Vellestros released its latest record, Nausea today, and it’s a much awaited release. His 2011 record Idle Labor was incredible, throw in his Gallery EP, and we’ve been waiting a couple of years for new Craft Spells.

Nausea knocks it out of the park. From the first notes of the title track, “Nausea”, the album is just completely engaging and hypnotic.  The guitar work is crystal clear, and beautiful, the vocals are laced in just the right amount of reverb, and the keyboards, strings and drums are absolutely perfectly assembled.  The second track, “Komorebi” is gorgeous, and is a perfect example of what I described before, it’s followed up with a super groovy “Changing Faces”.  “Twirl” is another great track, a little groovy, a little rock n roll, and totally dreamy.  During my first listen, I kept thinking “wow, this may be my favorite on this record” as it went on, with every new song. I began to wonder “how in the world is he gonna outdo this one!?” and somehow he keeps finding a way. Not that the earlier songs aren’t as good as the later songs, it’s just that this record is so consistently good it’s hard to consider any tracks as standouts, because they’re all excellent.  The album comes to a close with a fitting ending, a gorgeous, hypnotic instrumental with some ambient nature sounds that’s just absolutely perfect.

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Listen to the first single from Nausea, “Breaking The Angle Against The Tide” below:

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