An oldie is coming out with a newie; a Brooklyn trio finds new landscapes; a legendary Canadian hip-hop act returns; and rocking blues from Vancouver. All this music is streaming for free in advance of the record releases on Tuesday, June 17.

  • Willie Nelson returns with his 69th studio record – yes, 69th – with Band of Brothers.  You can stream is on NPR.
  • Brooklyn-based The Antlers will release their 5th studio album, Familiars, that sees the band take its atmospheric, brooding sound to new heights. NPR has the album.
  • More than twenty years later, Swollen Members continue to make hip-hop music that is accessible yet still forward looking. CBC Music is streaming their new album, Brand New Day.
  • Another Vancouver-based band, The Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer, return with their take of rocking blues. A Real Fine Mess is streaming on CBC Music.

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