In the ’80s, there were numerous bands who could be characterized as synth-pop bands, such as New Order, Pet Shop Boys, and even Depeche Mode had several tracks that dabbled in this genre. In the ’90s, synth-pop gave way to the rising electronica movement, which gave way to house and club music, which gave way to today’s electronic dance music phenomenon (which our own Rich Moses experienced first hand earlier this month at Governors Ball when he went to see Skrillex).

In the past 5 to 7 years, we’ve seen synth-pop steadily make its comeback, both within the indie scene and top-40 radio. Bands like M83, Phantogram, Porcelain Raft, and, to a degree, Radiohead have helped bring this genre back. Some of the biggest buzz bands right now are synth-pop acts, such as Grimes, CHVRCHES, and GEMS. But unlike their predecessors of nearly three decades ago, the focus is on creating dreamy, atmospheric pop that can be boppy or haunting.

The next band that could make waves is Moonetz, the young trio from Bogotá, Colombia. On their debut album, A New Direction, Moonetz have successfully replicated the feelings of the ’80s while mingling more contemporary electronic beats and synths. None of the ten tracks reach the europhia of the EDM scene, but instead focus on creating smooth rhythms and echoing harmonies to create that pulsating groove scene often displayed at clubs around the world.

Some of the tracks are in Spanish and the others are in English. The Spanish songs have a bit of Latin flair while the English tracks replicate closely the synth-pop of North America. Regardless if you understand Spanish or not, the tracks are catchy, poppy, upbeat, and uplifting. It will be interesting to see where Moonetz goes next, and whether they continue down this path or head towards a darker, more haunting sound.

A New Direction can be purchased on iTunes, eMusic, and Amazon. The video for “Luces en tu Cielo”is below along with the track “Free Yourself”.

Moonetz comprises of Luna Baxter, Sebastián González, and Juan Pablo Uribe.

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Twitter – @MoonetzBand


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