The World Cup of Football is well underway, so we’ll be focusing a bit more on bands outside of North America, although we’ll still look at some of the new indie albums that will be released in the coming weeks.

To kick it off, we begin with Turtle Giant. And yes, you read the title correctly – Turtle Giant is an indie-rock band that is based out of Macau, China. However, their three members – Fredji Ritchie, António Conceição, and Robert Ritchie – are from Sao Paulo, Brazil. It’s not often you see that combination – native Brazilians living in China’s equivalent of Las Vegas playing awesome indie rock.

Turtle Giant first caught my attention nearly two years ago when they released their fine EP, All Hidden Places, in 2011 – a five-track compilation of raw, catchy indie rock. Their sound is a cross of Interpol, Glasvegas, and The Black Keys with the shimmering guitars, hammering drums, a driving bass, and the occasional rising chorus. The entire EP is excellent – from the epic, scintillating opener, “Germany I & II”; the melodic and whimsical “What a Game”; the upbeat and fantastic “We Were Kids”; the bluesy, garage-rock number, “Gold Tooth (Killer)”; and the dreamy closer, “The Cave”.

Last fall, they released a terrific single called “Orange Grape”, which leans towards the melodic, indie pop side. It’s something you might expect from a band like This single was suppose to be a taste of their new LP, which was to be released last year. Instead, people will have to wait a bit longer, as the trio is still hard at work in putting the final touches on their second full-length album.

Twelve tracks from Turtle Giant are provided below in the Soundcloud stream. However, if you would like to hear all their tracks from their discography, check out their website and support this young, rising band.

Website –
Facebook – Turtle Giant
Twitter – @turtlegiant

Photo by Sergio Rola

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