The Sacrament

Director: Ti West

The Mayfair Theatre, June 20 – 24

1074 Bank Street

Found footage horror! It’s the latest craze kids. Tough to pull off though, especially when the filmmaker slips into crosscutting and slick, multi angle edits. Whoops. Anyhoo, any good horror film will suspend rational thinking about what silly craziness is happening on screen, and get the pulse racing.

Ti West is a pretty slick director, but maybe too slick for this exercise. The Sacrament is too clean, too staged, too professional. Too bad, because it’s a pretty sweet looking movie, with good performances and a riveting story.

Of course you’ll remember the story as thinly disguised retelling of the famous Jonestown Massacre back in 1978. Heck it was depicted in a pretty good made for TV movie. You know: shade wearing cult leader promises heaven on earth in a remote jungle paradise, until pestering journalists spoil the party, and it all goes wrong. Ti West wrote the script, but really, he just did a bit of high school style plagiarism and signed his name. The Kool Aid here is bright red, not purple!

Anyone unfamiliar with the ancient history depicted above may actually dig this film, cuz it really is a wild and woolly story, with a deliciously monstrous evil lead.

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