Stefan Obermaier is a celebrated DJ in his hometown of Vienna and across Austria and the region. For over decade, he has been playing at some of the leading clubs in Europe, spinning popular tracks and putting his own touches on remixes. Obermaier, however, has not limited himself to just top-40, house, and electronica, but he’s also remixed the compositions of several classical composers, including Mozart and my personal favourite Beethoven.

It wasn’t at a club, though, that my wife and I discovered Obermaier’s music. Instead, it was at the awesome Haus der Musik, where we heard Beethoven’s famous “Seventh Symphony” playing overhead but mixed with synths and electronic drums. The music is soothing yet groovy. It’s classical yet modern.

“The Seventh” is below. You can also check out his other remixes and his own original music on the “Music Page” of his website.

Website –
Facebook – Stefan-Obermaier
Twitter – @stefanobermaier

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