Certain music can transport you to places that you feel like you’ve never seen before. Places that hit all your emotional buttons and overwhelm you but keep you transfixed. Scattered Clouds qualify for this distinction. Their music is epic and grand but also simple. It’s three musicians and the singing is meant to suck you in rather than rock you out. Their songs call to mind a dark force pulling at your soul but one that you just cannot get away from.

It is brilliant musicianship and their sound is unlike anything most people have heard before. Their songs recall a score to a morality battle royal that plays out across a musical landscape. There’s many twists and turns and many moments where you think the darkness will prevail. After the show is over though and you take a moment to reflect on what you saw and heard, you realize that the good won. The good is personified by a band like Scattered Clouds existing in a dire musical landscape and fighting for its soul.

It’s one battle you don’t want to miss.

See Scattered Clouds at 7:30 pm in the Barney Danson Theatre on July 3, 2014.


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