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Mundo Musique: Puna


Since it’s World Cup time, Ben and I want to feature more bands from outside North America, and today I’m featuring the dreamy and hypnotic Puna from Lima, Peru.  Their instrumental shoegaze is ambient, experimental, and truly captivating. And since it’s mostly instrumental, you won’t miss out on anything because of a language difference.

They released a single in 2013 called Inmerso, which means “Immersed” in English, and that’s what definitely happens to the listener.  It’s noisy, ethereal, and even a little groovy, and it gets louder and louder as it goes on.  The B-side for it is “Au Dial”, which is another spacy and ambient experimental track, it’s also got a killer groove and guitars that truly immerse the listener.

You can buy the single via Latino-America Shoegaze here



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