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Keeping the theme of our international posts for the World Cup, today I’m going to introduce you all to New Zealand’s Tiny Ruins.  Even though sadly New Zealand’s national team, the All Whites, aren’t part of this year’s World Cup tournament.  Based out of New Zealand, Tiny Ruins is made of songwriter Hollie Fullbrook, who created Tiny Ruins as a solo project in 2009, bassist Cass Basil, and drummer Alexander Freer.

Their 2014 album, Brightly Painted One was released in May, and (Spoiler Alert!) it’s going to be part of this Friday’s Mundo15. I absolutely love Fullbrook’s voice on this record.  It’s a beautiful folk album with some gorgeous guitar work, perfectly executed drumming and gorgeous arrangements of organ and guitar. It starts out with the stirring “Me at the Museum, You in the Wintergardens”, and there are songs that swing, like “Reasonable Man” and some slow paced tracks like “Chainmail Maker” and “Straw Into Gold”.   One of the most incredible tracks on this record is “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round” which is an absolute stunner, it’s got some heartwrenching strings and this brooding guitar building before exploding into a chorus of harmonies.

You can stream two songs from Brightly Painted One below:

“Me at the Museum, You at the Wintergardens”

Photo by Georgie Craw


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