Chill-out pop. A touch of R&B. Brooding bluesy notes. Sprinkle with a bit of trip hop. Add cool beats. Those are the ingredients that make up Sound of Lions, a multi-genres, multi-talented band that creates smooth, groovy, and pleasing music. If you want to play the name game, think of a band that mixes Massive Attack, The xx, Bright Smoke, and Australia’s Second Hand Heart.

As a result, there is a hypnotic element to the music. It isn’t necessarily the rousing music that Massive Attack’s songs can sometimes create nor is the Ottawa quintet trying to produce in-your-face, hook-laden, over-produced music that dominates today’s radio stations. Instead, Sound of Lions is writing captivating music, using delayed guitar plucks like that used by The xx, the use of synth and the occasional electric drum, and the echoing of keys along with front-woman Whitney Delion’s shimmering voice. There are times where the music sends you off to a smokey blues bar in Soho or at a night club overlooking the Toronto skyline.

In April, Sound of Lions released their second full-length album, Take Me With You, a groovy, smooth 10-track compilation. You can purchase it on iTunes or eMusic. You can also check out the entire album for free on Soundcloud (which is below).

Sound of Lions comprises of Whitney Delion, Will Assad, Marco Campagna, Christian Awad, and Joel Soucy. You can catch them at the RBC Bluesfest on Saturday, July 12 at 1:30 PM on the River Stage.

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Twitter – @soundoflions

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