It’s the second day of the festival, and, if you’re like me, you probably struggled out of bed this morning to get to work. Ah, Bluesfest – it’s not just a great musical experience, but it’s a great challenge to see if the body can continue to push the limits. With each year, my body is telling me to stop doing this, and it’s only Day 2!

But there’s more exciting music on the agenda for today. Who should you see? Well, here’s who I’m going to see.

Jeff Tweedy – 9:30 on the Black Sheep Stage

Jeff Tweedy, the frontman for the great indie, alt-country band Wilco, is in the midst of a solo tour, where he’s been playing some songs from his forthcoming album, Sukierae, which will be released September 16, along with some classic Wilco tunes. With Tweedy on the Black Sheep Stage, it should be a fine, intimate affair. Hopefully, he won’t have to ask people to “rise” from their seats this time like he did when Wilco played the ‘Fest in 2006. Or maybe he’ll show us some of his acting chops like he did on Portlandia (see below).

Bonobo – 7:15 on the River Stage

Bonobo is the brainchild of Simon Green, the multi-talented Brit who is a musician, producer, and DJ. These talents when brought together enable Green to produce lush, dreamy music. While there are house beats and grooves mixed into his songs, Green isn’t attempting to create a rave scene a la Skrillex. Instead, he tries to lull you into a hypnotic state and set you afloat. So keep your mind open, close your eyes, and get lost in Bonobo’s beautiful world.

Harper & Midwest Kind – 7:00 on the Black Sheep Stage

Peter D. Harper is an Australian singer-songwriter who specializes in blues and roots music. This shouldn’t be a surprise if you follow the music scene Down Under, which has an outstanding blues and roots community across the country . Backing him is Detroit band Midwest Kind, and together, Harper & Midwest Kind make foot-stomping, hand-clapping music. Harper, by the way, doesn’t just sing, but he’s an accomplished didgeridoo and harmonica player. He also has special ties to Canada, as he recorded Live at the Blues Museum at Canada’s only blues museum, which is in Windsor, Ontario. This is an opportunity to hear blues and roots music like you’ve never heard it before.

If you miss Harper & Midwest Kind on this day, they’ll also be playing at 4:00 on the Claridge Stage on Saturday, July 5.

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