Two more days left, and there’s a 6-pack of local performers to check out. As usual, they are listed in chronological order.

Click on the performers’ name to get a fuller description. You can also check out the full list of Ottawa artists here.


  • Sound of Lions have the privilege of opening the final Saturday of Bluesfest. Their trip-hop/pop sound is riveting, and they’ll get a hot day steamier. Join the band on the River Stage and get the party started early.


  • Keeping the party going is DJ, rapper, and entertainer extraordinaire Atherton. Too bad he wasn’t playing right before Deltron 3030 because they maybe we could have seen a two men in animal costumes – Atherton in his lion suit and Kid Koala as a koala bear – duking it out on stage. Oh well, another time. Atherton will be on the Claridge Homes Stage.
  • If you’re looking to start your Bluesfest day with some blues, then head on over to the Black Sheep Stage to see Ottawa veterans, Wicked Grin. The quartet has a new album out, Shame on Me, which is rollicking blues.


  • Another veteran act returning to Bluesfest is John Allaire & The Campistas. With their bellwhether country-rock, those seeking to try to cool off from the blazing sun will be left with no choice but to get up and dance. Seems like every Ottawa this afternoon is intended to liven up the crowd. Good job Bluesfest! Catch John & The Campistas on the Bell Stage.
  • Now if you’re searching for something different and innovative, then Jonathan Becker & The North Fields are for you. Combining southern rock, and folk, they’ll remind you at one point of The Tragically Hip and then on another song Band of Horses. Judge for yourselves when they perform on the River Stage.


  • Is it us or is playing the harmonica becoming a lost art? Coming to our rescue is the excellent Catriona Sturton. Her smokey voice and brooding blues will transport you back in time or maybe just to the Barney Danson Theatre, where you can see her strum her guitar and displace her immense harmonica skills.

Stay hydrated Ottawa!


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