It’s the last day, and, if you’re like us, depression might be setting in since it will be another 364 days before Bluesfest returns. But, let’s make the most of it and what a better way to start than to see some emerging, young artists perform. You can commence the day at the Black Sheep Stage to see elementary, junior high, and high school students perform in Be in the Band. It all starts at noon. Catch the next Alanis Morissette or Paul Anka in action!

Afterwards, make your way to see some of these fine Ottawa-area performers, who are listed below in chronological order. Click on the performers’ name to get a fuller description. You can also check out the full list (click here) of all the Ottawa-area bands and musicians who performed during the 10 days.


  • Farewell Davidson make catchy rock tunes. They’ll have you jittering around the grounds with their upbeat, infectious sound of Athens, Georgia. Think of The Whigs or, to an extent, Kings of Leon if you’re not familiar with the genre. They’ll be at the River Stage.


  • Another local band making cool, summery, rock music is Still Winter Hills. They have more of a ’60s & ’70s southern-rock sound, where the music is filled with hooks and boppy rhythms (that last description was for my wife). Get into the swing of things (literally and figuratively) at the Bell Stage.
  • Closing the Ottawa-portion of Bluesfest is The Red Rails. They play old fashion blues-rock music. If you were wowed by past acts like Reignwolf and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (o.k., maybe not quite the adrenalin rush as the latter), check these guys out. They’ll be in Barney Danson Theatre, where we fully expect the entire museum will here them rock out.


We hope you have had an excellent Bluesfest experience. See you next year (and hopefully Bluesfest will have us back)!


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