When I saw the words MOTORFIGHTR in my inbox, my immediate reaction was that, with such a name, the band must be a hardcore, heavy metal band . When listening to it the first time, my reaction was, “This is really good.” Upon second listen, “This is awesome.” On third listen, I didn’t utter a single word but instead danced around.

MOTORFIGHTR’S debut EP, Post Pacific Highway, is fun, fantastic electro-disco pop, building on the styles that have become increasingly popularized in France thanks to the likes of Daft Punk, Phoenix, and others. Yet, the California duo’s music also bears resemblance to acts in North America. For instance, at times, the album touches on the synth and guitar work reminiscent of Vancouver’s Bear Mountain and the electronic dance of Holy Ghost!. The opening track, “Real Sex”, “Piano Fu*k”, and “Gran Turismo” have the infectious quality of the famous French electronic duo, overlaying electric guitars or keyboards with scintillating beats and synths. It is disco music made for today’s dance clubs.

“Nomad” buzzes from start to end, crossing the boundaries of Bear Mountain’s intellectual use of beats and catchy guitar hooks with Phoenix’s ability to create soaring choruses and melodies. The title track, “Post Pacific Highway”, is a stirring, dreamy track that builds slowly. It echos of Bear Mountain’s “Faded”, but elongated over 8 minutes as oppose to 4. This instrumental track does make you feel you are driving along a coastal highway with no destination, but the trip is splendid.

MOTORFIGHTR consists of Alec Feld, who is better known for his project Expensive Looks, and San Francisco’s Miles Gabriel. You can listen to “Piano Fu*k” below. It comes out officially on Tuesday, July 15 on Captured Tracks.



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