Never a band to create love songs or to get too happy, The Creeps have delivered a new LP with a strong title: Eulogies. (Now available for pre-order, ironically, through It’s Alive Records.)

The songs range from Buzzcocks-styled power pop to Ramones-styled rawk. This is classic-sounding 70s punk rock, with three chords and a lot of heft. Lyrically, though, The Creeps head into darker territory than their forefathers. Take this lyrical snippet from Ghosts, one of the darkest songs on the album:

There’s blood on the walls. There’s blood on the walls.
She said, “You’re seeing things that aren’t there at all.”
My blood’s staining the walls. My blood’s staining the walls.
She said, “You’re killing yourself.” I said, “I’m watching it fall.”

This is not the kind of music you’ll want to put on at your next backyard BBQ. But if you want some wonderfully played treble-laden punk rock with carefully crafted dark lyrics and melancholy to spare, this is some pretty great stuff. In particular, check out Off My Guard for a kick-ass raver, and Cancer to really make you feel like you need to visit the doc for a checkup.

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