It’s always difficult for a band to get noticed. One of the best ways to get your music heard is on Soundcloud, which is where I discovered Sumeau – the indie, dream-pop band from Los Angeles. The main members are Chris Sousa and Kat Primeau, but in recording their first album – a 7″ inch single with “Next Day” and the splendid “Give It” that was released in September 2013 – and their debut, self-titled LP, released in February of this year, they enlisted the help of several friends.

While the 7″ single is more accessible, Sumeau is much more diverse and experimental in places. “Hey You” and “Diggin Out” have psychedelic pop textures and are groovy songs. “Hang It On the Wall” and “Deja Vu” are mellower pop tunes with touches of psychedelia of the ’60s. “Dah” is a short synth tune that is extremely dreamy.

“Next Day Blur”, also from the 7″ single, is a gorgeous track – hypnotic, groovy, and just otherworldly. It’s a wonderful track to get lost in. Meanwhile, “Wrestling” combines subtle house beats, distortion, and synths to create an eerie effect. On the opposite end, “A Fire” starts of sounding like a Hawaiian song but settles in as a lo-fi, mellow, trippy tune.

What Sumeau have produced is an unconventional, challenging, but intelligent album. No two songs are the same, and the duo of Chris Sousa and Kat Primeau push the boundaries of what you think might be a pop, psychedelic, or indie folk tune. Instead, they pleasantly surprise you with something completely different and unexpected, but something appreciative.

“Give It” and “Next Day” are below. You can also stream the music on Soundcloud (it’s below too). At the same time, support this young, indie band by purchasing their music on their Bandcamp site, iTunes, Amazon, and eMusic.

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