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New Single: The Wild Reeds’ “Blind and Brave”


In advance of the release of Blind and Brave, California band The Wild Reeds have released the titled track from their third album. Comprising of Kinsey Lee (vocals/banjo), Sharon Silva (vocals/guitar), Mackenzie Howe (vocals/guitar/banjo), Nick Jones (drummer), and Nick Phakpiseth (bass), this young band is about to take the indie world by storm. Their lead single is absolutely gorgeous, filled with dreamy, beautiful harmonies and melodies. The song is part indie folk; part ’70s LA-scene, lush music; and part Americana. Imagine putting Local Natives, Lucius, and Phox all in a room together, and the byproduct would be The Wild Reeds.

Blind and Brave comes out on August 9, at which time they’ll no longer be California’s secret.

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