So, we’re a little late, but better late than never right?

Two weeks ago, London’s The History of Apple Pie – who has one of our favourite band names and a favourite of Ben’s – released their latest single, “Tame”, in support of their second full-length album, Feel Something. Coming off a terrific debut LP in early 2013 (Out of View), the wait is over to see what direction the quintet will head.

While their first LP personified the band’s name with its mostly cheery indie pop, “Tame” blurs the lines of orchestral pop, with its doses of piano and rousing melodies, and gritty, indie rock. If this is a flavour of what the new album should sound like, count as one of many anxiously waiting to hear the album in its entirety.

Also included below is “Before You Reach The End”, another gritty rock tune that sounds like Pavement and MOIST and was released as the final track on Out of View (although the band had wrote and performed the track three years ago and may have been a sign of things to come).

Feel Something will be released on September 29 in the UK and September 30 in North America on Marshall Teller Records.

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