Ben’s heading down to Newport Folk Festival this weekend, and one of my favorite artists on the lineup is child actress turned Rilo Kiley member turned solo artist Jenny Lewis. I’ve been a fan of Jenny for a long time. Her work with Rilo Kiley was obviously fantastic, and her solo records Rabbit Fur Coat with The Watson Twins and Acid Tongue are two excellent releases.  Acid Tongue featuring some great tracks and a helping hand from Elvis Costello.  Last week, Lewis released a great video for the incredibly catchy song, “Just One of the Guys”, which features herself, Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, and Brie Larson.

From the first track, “Head Underwater”, it’s obvious Lewis took quite a different approach from Acid Tongue on The VoyagerLewis has gone from a folky feel to a much more pop sound, and it really suits her well.  “Just One of the Guys” is going to be one of the defining tracks of this summer if it hasn’t become one yet.  Jenny rocks out a little bit on “Slippery Slopes” followed by the folky “Late Bloomer” – a song that highlights Lewis’ fantastic storytelling and provides more evidence as to why Lewis is one of today’s most intriguing songwriters. On The Voyager”, Lewis sings about love, anxieties, and reaching adulthood. It’s confessional and witty. She references different musical styles and really executes everything in a really clever way.  “Love U Forever” almost starts out like a 60s rock song before going pop on us.

The Voyager is really a fun listen. Lewis’ storytelling is as good as ever, and her attention to detail is incredible.  The record sounds amazing, and it should as Ryan Adams had a hand in its production. She also had help from friends like Beck and First Aid Kit. The Voyager is everything a pop album should be.

“Late Bloomer”

“Slippery Slopes”

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