Mundo Musique, Music, Singles, Spotlight, The Revue — July 29, 2014 at 11:00 am

Mundo Musique: Natalie Prass – “Bird of Prey”


As you can tell, we’ve been digging Jenny Lewis’ latest record, and one of Lewis’ band members, Natalie Prass, just released a great single “Bird of Prey”.  “Bird of Prey” will be off of her upcoming record which is due for release later this year. “Bird of Prey” is a great track with a slick groove, gorgeous harmonies and a real laid back soul feel to it. The B-side on the single is “Any Time, Any Place” which also has a great soul vibe. I can’t wait to hear the full length, especially from these two tracks. For now, you can listen to her two great EPs, Sense of Trancendence and Small & Sweet.


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