dirtysouthernloveOn August 19, Ohio based four-piece band Emily & The Complexes will release their EP Dirty Southern Love.  That title instantly reminds me of one of my favorite records, Drive-By Truckers’ The Dirty South. And musically, that comparison holds up.  Emily & The Complexes’ style is similar to the Truckers, the EP was mixed by Drew Vanderberg who has worked with the Truckers in the past, but it’s a bit grittier feeling.  You can hear that in the single “You Won’t”, which was released last month.  They also released “Jersey City Blues” ahead of the EP release, and it’s quite pretty and laid back. The band, of singer/songwriter Tyler Verhagen, Jordan Finke, Tom Konitzer and Brett Gregory all met in Ohio where Verhagen was passing through.  They released an LP, Styrofoam Plate Blues in 2012.


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