Welcome to the first post in our new 49 Above blog, where we spend some time checking out cool acts from across Canada (above the 49th parallel, get it?). Our first stop is one of my favourite cities on Planet Earth: Saskatoon. I first wandered through there while backpacking a million years ago, and fell in love with the scenery and the music. Saskatoon is a relatively small city (200,000 or so), but has a large and vibrant arts scene. Local bands galore, and some really great galleries and performance spaces.

From the scary depths of Saskatoon, here are the three young ladies known as Phalec Baldwin. I can’t tell you how much that name makes me giggle! Sam, Jo, and Bri are creating some serious buzzy, atonal, basement-garage noise. Like a lot of primordial acts, this one has an arty sense, but also a healthy dose of humour. Imagine the earliest recordings of The Velvet Underground, but with tongues firmly in cheek. It sounds like this band is serious about the music, but not about their image (check pumpkin sweaters in photo above…never would have seen Lou Reed in one of those).

A track from their recent EP, Burnout Goldmine, is pure 60s noise heaven. Check out the slightly out-of-tune basswork, it’s amazing:

A really moody and rough track from their demo, Drink My Blood, is as killer as the name implies. Not for the faint of heart.

Find these ladies jamming around Saskatoon, or on Facebook or Bandcamp. This band was recommended by Scott at Beaumont Music in Saskatoon!


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